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Simon J
Hi, and welcome to this Core forum.

I've set up this forum as a temporary forum until I can get the time to create a custom one.

The basic idea is to get some work of my shoulders by letting users of Core support each other.

Anyway, there are a few rules. Try to keep a nice tone. Posts like "Core sucks" isn't appreciated. Remember that I'm maintaining Core as a personal project and way to learn, and that if I helped even one person get his/hers work out on the web I'm more than happy.

Also I should remind you to never post any detail information about your database settings (such as password, server, user etc.) same goes for your Core user and pass. If you need help where you have to give this information to someone, make sure you do it with someone you trust and in a private chat.

And lastly, if you ask for help, please check if there's a topic where you can help in return. I will answer to questions as much as I can, but the idea of this forum is to take some of the workload of me.

That being said, I thank you all for using Core even though it has some flaws.